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Lifetime Subscription to Vegas Workshops

Amazing Fun Stuff…

We just announced the new Study Along workshops where online you can study along with the Vegas craft workshops. And we offered a lifetime subscription to that.

Now, in preparation for the 20th year of the in-person workshops, first here at the coast, now in Las Vegas, WMG Publishing Inc. has decided to offer a really good deal for the in-person workshops. A Vegas Workshop Lifetime Subscription to any and all Las Vegas in-person workshops.

Each workshop fee is $750 and we have eight planned for 2019 (plus one in October this year that is still taking sign-ups). One 2019 workshop is not announced yet, but will be in a few weeks.

So this is an amazing deal, but be warned, for this Vegas Workshop Lifetime Subscription it may go away. The other lifetime subscriptions will remain, but this one might vanish or increase in price as we figure out the real costs of the new Las Vegas workshops.

Now we don’t expect anyone to be able to make all the workshops in a year. But this is a lifetime and once in, you will always be in. If you plan two workshops a year, this is paid for in two years. It is freedom of choice.

The cost is $3,000.

If you have paid for one workshop coming up, you can take the amount you paid for one workshop off that total. If you have paid for more than one, I’m afraid we can only take off one. After all, this is a lifetime subscription.

So if you have paid for an upcoming workshop, the lifetime subscription to all coming workshops will be $2,250.

A couple of details about this…

— You can sign up for a Vegas Workshops Lifetime Subscription if you have been accepted to any of the workshops already.

— If you have not been accepted to the workshops, please write me with some information about your writing and your web site address. We want to make sure you are ready for any Vegas workshop.

— Once in and paid for the Vegas Workshop Lifetime Subscription, you can sign up for any workshop you would like. You will need to do so before each workshop closes sign-ups, of course. Craft workshops and anthology workshop closes four months ahead of the workshop date. But when you do sign up, you will automatically be marked paid.

— If you attend any of the Vegas workshops, you will automatically also get the Study Along workshop information for that workshop, so this does double duty if you attend Vegas workshops.

This is a really amazing deal. We don’t expect many to take up the offer, and it is limited time. So don’t delay if interested.

And any questions on this, the Study Along workshops, or the upcoming Master Business class in October in Vegas, just write me at dean.wmgworkshops@gmail.com