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Last Day

Special Time of Great Forgetting Offer Extended…

Today is the last day…

The reason for this short extension is that I got busy and forgot to warn everyone the offer was ending when it ended this weekend. So we’re going to extend it just two days and today is the second of those two days.

Here is the offer:

Two Regular Workshops and Two Classic Workshops for $500.00 total.

You can keep them as credits until you use them, be we hope you use a few of them in the next few months to fight back the Time of Great Forgetting. You will be happy you did when you hit August and September and are trying to restart.

So to be clear.

— Two regular workshops and two classic workshops for $500. (The same amount we give in Kickstarters.)

— You can use them at your own pace.

— And you can buy more than one of these if you like. No limit.

Write me at for questions. Or just pay through Paypal normally and then let me know you have so I can mark down your credits.

July-October workshop lists will be posted in the next week or so. Some great new workshops coming. And more webinar workshops as well coming in June which are already up and available.

Going to be a fun summer around here for those who stay focused on the writing. And don’t have an agent. (Grin)