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Last Day for Promotional and Sales Package



As a one-time offer, limited to only ten, WMG Publishing Inc. will be offering to put together an entire sales package for one of your books. A holiday offer to the writers who have supported our projects and workshops over the years.

This package will be put together by the entire team at WMG Publishing. And yes, I will be helping as well, even though I don’t work officially at WMG.

The idea of this is to help you (or whoever you buy the package for) set up a sales and promotions plan for a book, with all the ingredients needed to do the promotion and with best-practice instructions on how to do each step. This will also give you the template on how to do the same plan for other books as time goes on. You may already know how to do some of this, but this is the full plan.

You can use an older, already published book or a brand new book scheduled to be published in the future. Your choice, any genre except young adult and erotica.

Here is what is included in the package:


— An electronic cover designed by award-winning designer Allyson Longueira.
— A full spread cover for a paper edition designed by Allyson Longueira.
— An InDesign template for the covers to use for other books in a series. (The paper cover will have areas for your price and the spine size will need to be changed to accommodate the number of pages in your book, which is why you will have a template. But everything else on the covers will be completely done.)
— Promotion material, including your cover, sized for a various number of uses. For example, your cover as a web banner for use on your website or as a Facebook banner.


— A professional-level sales blurb for your novel written by Dean Wesley Smith.
— A tagline or two about your book to be used on the covers or for sales, written by Dean Wesley Smith.
— Suggested tags and categories (genres) to list your book.
— A quick guide to figuring out how to use Vellum for the layout of your book. This will also include a free copy of Chuck Heintzelman’s fantastic book THE AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO VELLUM.
— General instructions on how to optimize marketing opportunities of your book listing on Amazon, Kobo, Bundlerabbit, Createspace, and D2D to make sure you get to all stores and opportunities.


—Best practices on how to do Facebook ads and make the decisions there.
— Best practices on how to do regular Facebook posts for promotion.
— Best practices on how to do Amazon ads. We will also supply at least one thousand (1,000) keywords appropriate for your book for use for your Amazon ads.
— Best practices on how to get a cover to Instagram and why do it.
— Best practices on how to get involved in and schedule Kobo promotions.
— Best practices on how to effectively use Twitter.


— Best practices on when and how often to use newsletters.
— Best practices on how to use your website for promotion.
— Timetable for when to do each action, from checklists for publication to how to schedule. Which actions need to be done ahead of publication, which can wait until after publication.
— Videos on Teachable will be available only for those who have signed up for the package. Each area will have a video not only to help in general explain the instructions in an area, but also the why behind much of what you will be doing. So you will get all the personalized stuff for your book, not only explained in writing for you, but extra explanations in general in videos.


This package will give you the entire foundation for a book publication schedule, including covers and blurbs and a personalized plan of action for your book for promotion. And once you have the plan in place, this can be used for other books.

There are always new and wonderful ways to promote your book, from bundling to audio sales that won’t be included in here. But this package will give you the entire basic package from zero to promotion. We will also give you Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s book DISCOVERABILITY. It will help you learn the promotional mindset.

The cost for this package is $800. You can give it as a gift to someone if you would like. It will only be offered to ten people until Monday the 18th of December.


Because the fine folks at WMG Publishing have over one hundred scheduled titles in 2018, this will take some time to work in, so this can be for any book scheduled to be published after March. Everyone at WMG Publishing thinks it will be possible to put ten of these personalized plans together in the first part of the year.

Do not expect this to be offered again. It won’t be.

Write me if interested and I will tell you how to pay for the package and what details to start putting together this month so the package can be worked up after the first of the year.