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Last 24 Hours

Only One Thing I Can Write About Tonight…

Last 24 hours of the Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks Kickstarter campaign.

You can get regular workshop credits through the campaign to use any time in the future. Get lectures and other stuff as well.

And eight of either my mystery novels (Cold Poker Gang) or eight of my sf novels (Thunder Mountain).

Not counting the 100 short stories either solo or in three collections. (Every award level gets the three collections in electronic form when I am done.)

And, since the campaign made its first stretch goal, everyone gets another large collection of my stories (Stories from July) and a Classic Workshop of your choice worth $150.

The campaign is only about $500 away from the second stretch goal which gets all supporters three more collections, plus the bundle of the first five Pop-Up series worth $600 each.

So help me get this over the top of that second stretch goal.

And one last time, thank you everyone, for the support of this crazy project. I will be writing about it here at times and showing covers and such as it goes along. Could be an interesting look into the production side of things.

Smith’s Stories: Make 100 Paperbacks