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Kickstarter Update

Books and Stuff…

Over the next few days WMG Publishing will be sending out my collections that are now available to the supporters of my crazy Make 100 Paperbacks Project. Both stretch goals had collections involved. So everyone should be getting an email with those links to get the four collections. (Stories from July and three shorter collections.)

Give us some time to get those out to everyone.

The three collections that everyone will get of the Make 100 Books won’t be done until the fall, of course.

Also, over the next few days you will be getting a letter from me on how to get into the first five Pop-Up series (second stretch goal award) and also how to pick your classic workshop. So give me a little time to get all that out to you.

Tomorrow afternoon I take the next step on my ramp into Making 100 Paperbacks and get the Adobe Suite of programs on my new computer. Then I can actually start that learning curve after the Anthology workshop and get going. As I said, I will detail it all out here as I go.

I am right now finishing up recording a new Pop-Up, #9 in the series. I think it will be a good one. Stay tuned.

But more than anything else I am reading for the anthology workshop. So off I go to do more of that.