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Kickstarter Made It!!

Yes, We Hit Our Ask…

And it was no small ask, either. Yet we still hit it in just over four days. Wow, and thank you all who have supported it so far. Very much appreciated!!

The reason we had to ask for $5,000 is because of the costs of publishing 100 stories, mostly by other writers. $5,000 doesn’t cover it, but it was enough to get us going and even if we don’t go much above that, we can cover the rest of the costs to produce all twelve books, plus the large one at the end.

But we hope to go above that ask amount and get readers and writers some great extra rewards. So now we are working on that first stretch goal and we hope you will help us by passing the word.

Or if you haven’t yet, sign up for one of the many rewards we are offering.

I actually think the videos about each story on Teachable is going to be a flat amazing class over an entire year. Kris and I will talk about why each story in each anthology works.

Nothing negative, nothing critical because, duh, the story already works, we liked it enough to buy it, and so on. So just all positive to help writers learn craft and techniques.

For writers, hearing what two long-term professional editors and writers think of 100 different stories and why each of them works is learning gold. Plain and simple.

My suggestion is to sign up for the 100 Story Year of the Cat class on Teachable, while this Kickstarter is going on to get the stretch rewards from the campaign. Then sign up for the “How to Write a Cat Story” special workshop on Kickstarter to get second stretch rewards.

Just a fun trick we are suggesting this time around because if we get up into some of the major workshop stretch rewards, you could get a lot of workshop credits. )Right now, if we made it to the 4th stretch reward, you would get $400 in workshop credits. (Double $200) Not bad. And if we go above that, it will be a lot, lot more.

To see the Kickstarter, click this.

And thanks for passing the word and supporting our crazy, fun project!

(You might have to click the video twice.)

To go to Teachable, click this and then hit “See All Courses.”