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Just Hit Third Stretch Goal!!

Working On the Fourth…

So all supporters now, for sure, get a lecture of their choice for supporting our Year of the Cat Kickstarter. That’s worth $50.00.

And you can help us get to the next stretch goal in the next 65 hours and get not only more books, but a choice of Classic Workshop worth $150. And remember, I just moved about eight workshops to classic status a few months ago.

So below is the update I just posted to the Kickstarter. I hope you will help us hit that next stretch goal. Thanks!!

And the nifty video Gwyneth did about finding Ruby, the cat character in the third stretch goal reward from Kris.

Now to the Update…

Thank you, everyone. Fantastic! And we still have 65 hours to go, or just under three days.

So for now, everyone who backed this really fun project gets extra stuff. First off, you get the Five Feline Fancies, a collection by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. 

— For the first stretch goal we hit, you get Fiction River Presents: Cats

— For the second stretch goal that we have hit you get a brand new novel in my Cold Poker Gang series called Ring Game. And yes, it does feature cats. 

— For the third stretch goal that we just hit, you get a really nifty collection by Kristine Kathryn Rusch called Familiarity, featuring Winston and Ruby. And I just added a fun little video searching for Ruby that our wonderful Gwyneth Gibby did this weekend. It is on the main page under the third stretch goal.

Plus, for the writers, you get your choice of any lecture that WMG Publishing does, and there are a lot of them. A $50 value just for helping us reach this stretch goal.


And if we do hit the next stretch goal in the last 65 hours, you will get this really fun novel from Kristine Grayson called Simply Irresistible. And the writers will get their choice of any Classic Workshop worth $150. 

So that’s worth passing the word to get to the next stretch goal. 

Remember, we have a fantastic three-week workshop on How to Write a Cat Story that is only available through this Kickstarter. 

And we have a special 1 year long study course on The Year of the Cat available as well, where each month, as the new anthology comes out, we will do videos talking about why each story worked for us as editors. Nothing negative, just all positive. One video per story for all 100 stories. 

And lots of other great rewards and add-ons you can take to help us reach that next stretch reward.

65 hours and counting.

Thank you, everyone!!

Year of the Cat Kickstarter