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In Person Workshop…

Science Fiction/Mystery Workshop…

The dates for the last scheduled in-person workshop that Kristine Kathryn Rusch is teaching is January 15th-18th. That is Monday through Thursday morning. (Fly in Sunday, fly out late Thursday or Friday.)

The location is Resorts World here in Las Vegas and yes, we will have a group rate that will get you a better price. It is very quiet and very nice with about 40 restaurants on site and another 100 restaurants within a block or so walking distance. And the weather will be great in January.

We have three openings. Just three.

The fee is $750 for the workshop and you pay for your own transportation and room and food.

We have not schedule any more in-person classes for 2024 until we see if this one will get the last three writers. This January class will happen no matter what, but with three more writers, it will be the perfect size that Kris likes so she can give everyone the attention they need.

(If you are wondering if you are already signed up, write me directly.)

This is an intense writing class and it will have a reading list that will go out in late October.

So if you would like to join Kris for learning Science Fiction/Mystery writing, just write me directly.

Keep in mind that Kris’s acclaimed Retrieval Artist Series is all mystery, and her newest Diving novel that has a Kickstarter going is a heist novel, and her novel before that in the Diving Universe was a courtroom thriller. She also writes award-winning mystery short fiction and award-winning historical mystery novels as Kris Nelscott.

You will not find a better teacher on this planet for this topic.

Three spots left. Write me directly if interested or if you have questions.

(And do not ask about next year’s classes beyond January. I have no answers yet.)