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I’m Back But Behind

Well, Brain Isn’t Totally Back…

I will be caught up over the next day or so on all email and stuff. Then on Friday and Saturday the workshop stuff will go out to the Kickstarter folks. I had hoped to have it out before the Anthology Workshop, but that didn’t happen with all the reading.

And tomorrow I actually get to start hearing again. Picking up and getting trained on nifty, modern hearing aides. (Never had them before.)

Loud sounds (mostly music in bars) killed a lot of my hearing (yes, I have gone through lots of tests) when I was younger. Luckily it was just that and age and nothing more serious. So tomorrow I will get to start hearing completely again for the first time in a decade.

I have to admit, it has gotten worse over the last year. Actually, I think I was fine in the quiet, slow environment of the Oregon Coast. I got by, but here in Las Vegas it has become strikingly obvious I don’t hear well.

And this week at the anthology workshop, there were times I could see people talking in the suite or in one of the restaurants, but just couldn’t hear them because of the background noise or the level of their voice. Since I often have a blank look, most didn’t notice. (grin)

So great to be back. And thanks for being patient on the emails. I will be caught up tomorrow.

And one more thing. Tomorrow the Futures: Structure workshop will launch. One day late, but better than not at all. (grin)

Sign up for the Futures: Structure or any of the March Regular workshops on Teachable here.

Or if you have a workshop credit you would like to use, write me and tell me which one you want to be in.

March Six-Week Regular Workshops…

Class #21… Mar 5th … Depth #3: Research
Class #22… Mar 5th … Author Voice
Class #23… Mar 5th … Dialog
Class #24… Mar 5th … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… Mar 5th… Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #26… Mar 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Mar 6th …Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #28… Mar 6th … Writing Fantasy
Class #29… Mar 6th … Novel Structure
Class #30… Mar 6th … Advanced Depth

Futures: Structure… Starts March 7th