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Great Workshops

Right Now All Kinds of Writing Classes Opening Up!

Let me give you a list…

  • Three more Prepare Ahead classes on One per week. Fantasy Regency, Science Fiction Mystery, and Halloween Hearts are the classes and the anthologies left. One per week.
  • Fantasy Novella Class Starts on July 2 on Nine weeks of lessons and assignments and then one month to write a fantasy novella that Kris will read.
  • July Regular Workshops will be available on Wednesday for sign-ups, starting July 2nd.
  • All bundles of classes, including lifetime subscriptions, are for sale at half price on WMG Teachable.
  • Two really Special Workshops on the Ghost of a Chance Kickstarter will be available through Thursday at 7 pm.

Here are the two special workshops in the Ghost of a Chance Kickstarter. I am going to have a blast with doing these.


As I have been doing for for nights now on this blog, this is about branding.

This is a special three-week workshop on how to find the readers for the books you wrote. In essence, what this entire campaign is all about. This class will talk about branding, covers, interiors, and, of course sub-genres to help you find and market your books to the correct readers.

Watch this short video about this series done by Kris on the branding issues we went through with Ghost of a Chance. Branding to reader and eventually finding the brand to brand to business.

This class will help you make sure your books are getting to their audience.

This special workshop on finding your reader will only be offered ONLY through this Kickstarter. Plus, you get all five of the GHOST OF A CHANCE books in electronic format.


A special three-week workshop on how to keep your magic both real and magical at the same time. Includes lots of writing techniques and all types of magic, both great and small.

This special workshop on the secrets of writing magic will only be offered through this Kickstarter. Plus, you get all five of the GHOST OF A CHANCE books in electronic format.

And yes you can get them both at a discount.


These are a lot like a Pop-Up, only with a video from the editor talking about what they want to see in a story, ten videos about how to write that type of story, and then a chance to write for an upcoming volume of FICTION RIVER.  One per week, three anthologies left to go. One is starting today.

Any questions on any of this, just write me directly.

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