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Four Different Challenges…

To Help You Get Through a Year of Writing…

That’s right, you can see the four challenges on

Just about any kind of challenge to fit what you are working on.

The Great Challenge is to write a short story per week for 52 weeks. That really gets a person focused on the writing every week. And wow does it get your inventory up and stories in the mail to top magazines.

The Great Novel Challenge is to write a novel every two months for a year. Six novels above 30,000 words. You have to turn in a novel every two months, and then on your own time send me a paperback of the book.

The Great Novella Challenge is to write a novella every month for a year. Novella being from 15,000 to 30000 words long. This sounds a lot easier than it has turned out to be for many writers.

The Great Publishing Challenge is to publish a major book every month for one year. A major book is defined as either a collection, a novella, or a novel. Turns out this is by far the hardest of the challenges. Since I published 70 major books in one year, I thought we would be giving lifetime subscriptions away on this one when we added it. Nope.

The cost is $600 for each one (30% off for three more days) and if you miss along the way, you get $600 in workshop credit. If you hit the challenge, you get your choice of a Lifetime Subscription. So no real gamble. You are challenging yourself.

You can sign up now and take advantage of this flash sale and start any time you want.

To get the flash sale, just hit purchase on the challenge and then on the next page put in the code:


And hit apply and you will get the challenge for 30% off.

This sale only will go for three more days (ends Sunday evening) and is only available for the four challenges and all of the Collections Classes. (And yes, the stories you write for a collection class can be turned in for the challenge.)

You can find all the workshops there. The challenges are under the Challenge Tab in both the All Workshops box or the Attitude box. All have direct links to the challenges on Teachable.