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Flat Amazing Workshop

Business Master Class in October 2019…

I will talk more about it once everything is completely finalized, but wow I thought the last two years took indie business to a new level, this workshop in October will jump that up a long ways.  The more we finalize all the details, the more excited I get. If interested, still room to jump in. Just write me. And follow this space for details.

Lifetime Subscription to Lectures…

This subscription is now the second best thing we offer. Over forty-some lectures up there and now we are adding in another twenty lectures on myths of writing and publishing. Five new ones are up as of last night.

So for $1,000 you will get over $3,000 in lectures when all the myth lectures are there.

But by far and away the best thing we offer is the Lifetime Online Workshop Subscription. Especially with all the new workshops we are adding. (Only one person has actually signed up for the Attitude workshop, but anyone with a Lifetime Subscription can take it at any point.) We have added seven or eight this last eight months alone.

There is over $17,000 in workshop value in the Lifetime Online Workshop Subscription for $3,000. And we even discount that if you have taken some workshops already. By far and away the best deal we offer on workshops.

Sorry about this topic, I was just struck by the deal we offer when loading up the new myth lectures last night. Just never, in a million years, did I think this program would get this big, last this long, and be this much fun.