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First Day New Year

A Good One Here…

Actually, we started the day off watching the fantastic fireworks over the Strip here in Vegas. Nice night, not too cold, great fun.

This this morning we were out toward Summerlin in a park, running a 5K charity run. We ran in the same park on New Year’s Eve in the early evening. So two runs in about 18 hours.

I did fine on the first one, but I have a hip injury that slowed me down on the second one this morning. But I made it just fine. Slow, but fine. Now to give the injury a few days to heal before running again.

However, going to lunch with Kris and friends was interesting getting in and out of the car. (grin)

Then we took down our Christmas tree after watching the Rose Bowl. Kris is a Wisconsin grad, so she had on her Wisconsin sweatshirt while I was rooting for the Oregon Ducks. Fun game.

I cooked us a stew for dinner, then after a short nap, got in here to catch up on email and then record the first seven videos in The Decade Ahead class and get them posted.

Then I turned my attention to a novel called Ring Game: A Cold Poker Gang mystery. Worked on that for three hours to start off the new year. A cat-focused mystery. Go figure.

So a well-rounded and fun first day of the year, which was exactly how I wanted to start the year. Got my exercise focus in, including over 10,000 steps. Wrote over 3,000 words on a novel for the writing side. And relaxed some and enjoyed the day, with a football game and cooking and lunch with Kris and friends.

Going to try to keep that balance going forward as much as possible in this new year. And report the publishing sides of things on the Great Publishing Challenge as I go along as well. That’s the fourth element and I didn’t work on that today.

Until tomorrow…