Challenge,  On Writing

Day Four of Ramp Up

Finally Hit All Parts…

I managed a bunch of words this morning, made 12,000 steps for the second day in a row, and am down five pounds this week (clearly a lot of that was surface weight.) The weight loss will level at 2 pounds a week going forward.

Plus today I actually ran a mile. (In parts, 1/8th of a mile at a time) but a mile anyway. Basically doing intervals, some fast, some medium. For an old fat guy, I still have amazing speed when I kick it on. Surprised me, actually.

I am behind on my challenge reading, but should catch that up this weekend without a problem. And behind getting up the July workshops on Teachable, but that should fix also this weekend.

And tonight I put up three new videos in the Licensing Learn Along in the After Expo section. You can still get into that Licensing Learn Along. Might be the best deal we have ever offered..

But all-in-all, really happy with the steps, the running, the weight loss, and the novel I’m having a blast with. It has dead bodies and kittens. What more could a mystery writer want?