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Day Five: Writing a Novel In A Half Month

Chapter Five: Day Five of Writing a Novel in Half a Month

Again today started out as just another regular day, but Mondays are never just another day, so even though I took out my normal grocery shopping, the day so far has been just as I expected.

Last night, after I signed off here, I watched a little television before going to bed at 4 am.

Day Five, Entry One.

11:30 am.  Rolled out of bed and was at this internet computer at 12:30 pm doing email and business stuff.

2:00 pm. Lunch with Kris and today watched news.

3:00 pm. Regular weekly Zoom meeting with the main crew at WMG Publishing for planning and other stuff, mostly to make sure I am on deadlines. (grin)

5:00 pm. Headed out to get a bunch of steps and pick up dinner on the way back. Got back at 5:45 and took a 15 minute nap before dinner.

6:00 pm. Dinner. It is now 7:15 pm and I am back at this internet computer doing this and turning to doing assignments for the workshops next. Back with another entry after that is done.

Day Five, Entry Two.

It’s Monday, so as expected having a day-job day, with no writing yet at all. Way too much eye-strain as well, so I got to be really careful.

Really boring stuff on days like today. Meeting, emails, assignments, and eating. That’s the last ten hours of my day today. Don’t get me wrong, I love it because it is all about writing and publishing, but Mondays are tiring. You can love something and have it still be tiring.

9:30 pm.  Finished the regular assignments and such, and then to rest my eye I went and took a twenty minute nap. Basically passed out.

10:00 pm. Watched an hour show with Kris and a little bit of news, then came back in here a little after 11 pm and did more workshop stuff and email. Not caught up yet, but needed a break at about 11:45, which is the time it is now. So going to take the break, rest my eyes for a while, then come back to the writing computer instead of doing more emails tonight. So back with another report after a few sessions of writing.

Day Five, Entry Three.

1:30 am. No good. Eye too strained so giving up for the night. Got a few words in but just not worth pushing at this point. Tomorrow is another day.

So no words on Day Five… I’ll put the summary chart here tomorrow evening.