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Day 0… It’s Still July for Me

I figured I had better do a first warm-up post here to explain a few things.

— My day doesn’t start until after I get up and right now I’m writing this around 3 in the morning.  So August 1st for me will start when I get out of bed. Thought I had better get that clear for those stopping by here and expecting something.

— Most of the time I will only have one “Writing in Public” post per day.  Sometimes two or more, depending on what is happening.  They will always have the little illustration to the right so you can spot them and ignore them or not.

— I will link them all under the Writing in Public tab above if for some reason you want to go back over them and haven’t stopped by for a week or two.

— I will be talking about writing and life and what I am thinking and how I got to the story and all that. And I will tell you the title of everything and where it can be found at some point in the future, so you can read it if you want, unlike the ghost novel I did in the spring.

— I will take vacations and such. In fact, I have four days planned starting on August 5th. I’ll still put up a post each day, but it might only say something about the vacation or the food or ideas I have come up with. (grin)

Speaking of ideas, I have no idea what I’m going to start tomorrow. I have standard Thursday weekly meetings up at WMG Publishing and I have a bunch of Online Workshop stuff to do as well. But that’s all standard for me. I’ll figure out what I’m going to write tomorrow. I’d like to have a novel completed, seven or so short stories, and two serial installments on two different projects finished by the end of the month, plus some new blogs I have planned. So it will be fun.

So now downstairs to watch some mindless television so I can fall asleep by four or so be up around noon for the WMG meetings, and so that I’m awake and out of the shower when our housekeeper comes in. Always a good plan.

Tomorrow, August 1st… Day One.  It should be an interesting year. At least I’ll have a memory of this year. (grin)