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Covers for Issue #48 of Smith’s Monthly

Short Story Covers…

This for Smith’s Monthly #48 which is the April Issue.

I did these five covers tonight, took me about an hour and a half total, again the longest time was looking for the art.

Just as with every month, the short story covers are all different in the issue. That’s a good thing. There is an original Marble Grant story, which has a different look to the cover using Pop Art. The other four all used the template.

I have original stories from Bryant Street, Sky Tate, Cold Poker Gang and a reprint of a Pahket Jones story from the cat anthologies. So five very, very different stories in Issue #48. I still haven’t updated the Smith’s Monthly web site, but you can still go there to subscribe if you would like.

Here are the covers in Issue #48 in no particular order.