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Anthology Workshop Dates Set…

August 5th through 8th…

We thought it would be the middle of July, but typical Las Vegas, too much stuff going on and too expensive. So we have a great room rate and conference room and night meeting room starting on Monday, August 5th and going through noon on Thursday, August 8th. Resorts World. Las Vegas.

Going to be so much fun and so much learning. Loren Coleman and I were talking just today about a special Kickstarter anthology session just to give writers a nifty way to make money with friends. One of many fun ides that we could not do back in 2020.

I wrote everyone signed up about the new dates last week.

The writing of the four stories will be spread over April and May and maybe a little into June to make it not conflict with other things going on and vacations and such. The reading will be most of June and July, so much easier this time around. You will have time to read and keep writing and living.

Worried about the heat in Vegas? Don’t be. You will feel it from the airport to your ride and your ride will drop you off at the front door and you won’t leave the hotel complex. Resorts World is a three-hotel massive complex with maybe 50 places to eat that range from too expensive to think about to a great Pizza place and a food court with 25 different types of food.

And if you do go anywhere, the heat is only from the front door to your ride and into a restaurant. Actually, bring sweaters because of air conditioning.

The casino is a long, long distance from where we will be and except for the casino area, the hotel is non-smoking.

The fee is $900 and we will have a room block with the Hilton room rate being $70 per night.

Write me directly with questions and how to sign up.

The Anthology Workshop is back. How much fun is that? Actually, a ton of fun.

I will be posting more information about the projects and editors over the next month or so. So get signed up now. Not that many slots left.