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A Reminder of the Lifetime Subscriptions Now Available

Posted Series Workshop Reading List…

First, I need to announce that the first video from Kris in that workshop is up along with the reading list. So those of you signed up for the Study Along Series workshop, or have a lifetime subscription to the Study Along, be sure to check that out.

Now, here are the details on the Lifetime Subscriptions now available. We have been doing these workshops now for nineteen years plus and we plan on keeping going with a lot of fun and new things, not counting all the workshops available in each subscription already.


You get all regular workshops and classic workshops in this subscription. There are a lot of them. The value of all of them now is over $14,000. You can take workshops at your own pace and do assignments on the regular ones at your own pace as well.

For new workshops, like the four Futures Series workshops, they are automatically included in the subscription and you can take them the first time through or later on at your own pace.

Cost is $3,000. (If you have already taken some workshops or have credits, we do discount that amount down. Contact me.) You can sign up on Teachable or through me.


You get all regular lectures and advanced business lectures in this subscription. There are a lot of them. You can go through the lectures at your own pace. All new lectures are added into the subscription automatically.

The new Negotiations lectures with webinars are now there. Two more of those to go over the next two months.

Cost is $1,000. You can sign up on Teachable or through me.


Study Along workshops allow you to study along with the intense craft workshops being held in Las Vegas and taught by Kris. For a ton more information about them, click here.

There are four in 2019 and two already announced in 2020 with more coming.

Cost is $1,200. You can sign up on Teachable or through me.


In preparation for the 20th year of the in-person workshops, first on the Oregon Coast, now in Las Vegas, WMG Publishing Inc. has decided to offer a really good deal for the in-person workshops. A Vegas Workshop Lifetime Subscription to any and all Las Vegas in-person workshops.

Each workshop fee is $750 and we have eight planned for 2019.

So this is an amazing deal, but be warned, for this Vegas Workshop Lifetime Subscription it may go away. The other lifetime subscriptions will remain, but this one might vanish or increase in price as we figure out the real costs of the new Las Vegas workshops.

Now we don’t expect anyone to be able to make all the workshops in a year. But this is a lifetime and once in, you will always be in. If you plan two workshops a year, this is paid for in two years. It is also freedom of choice.

Also, with this, you get a lifetime subscription to the Study Along workshops for the ones you can’t make in Las Vegas.

For a bunch more information on this one, .

Cost is $3,000. If you are signed up and paid for an in-person workshop already, we will take that amount off of the total cost.


That’s the four of them.

And I still can’t believe we are coming up on our 20th year of doing workshops. Wow, does time fly when you are learning and having fun.