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A Question About Ask Kris Anything Webinar

Got This Question Twice…

So figured I would answer it here.

Kris is going to do basically 13 live webinars starting in April, one per month, for the next year. With each webinar starting slightly early and running a little late, that will be around 15 plus hours of Kris answering questions about any topic anyone wants to ask her about.

The information about this is two posts back. You can sign up on Teachable.

The question I got twice was how did we figure the price?

Well, a regular monthly workshop has about 40 videos of about 6 minutes each on average, counting the response and assignment videos. That’s about four hours of videos per $300 regular workshop. (Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? (grin))

So two regular workshops costs $600 for eight hours of videos, but since Kris will do almost double that over the year, we figured that $600 will be the right price for the webinar. Not recorded. In 15 hours of webinar you will have a notebook full of notes.

And no, we will not record these. Kris wants to be completely open and candid with her answers. She would never be able to do that with the webinars being recorded for any reason.

And the reason for 13 of them is that if you miss one as a yearly subscriber, you can still end up with 12. However, if you don’t miss any as a yearly subscriber, you get the extra one anyway.

Check out the details two posts back if interested. And sign up on Teachable.

Write me with questions. Do not write Kris.