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And I Mean a Bunch!!

And some of these bundles would make fantastic holiday gifts for your writer friends. Or for yourself. And they are all less than buying each item on its own.

And they can all be found on Teachable.

So going to list them right here, just for fun.

To start, there are four different Lifetime Subscriptions….

Workshops. Lectures. Study Along. Las Vegas.

Then for the Pop-Ups, there are both 5 and 10 bundles.

There is a bundle of the four Futures Workshops, maybe four of the best workshops we have done.

There is a bundle of three Negotiations Lectures.

And an Advanced Business Lectures bundle.

And for December only, there is a bundle of 7 classic workshops and another bundle of 6 classic workshops. Only available in December and these these two go away.

So give them a look on Teachable. They honestly would make wonderful gifts for writer friends in this holiday season.