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50 Years of Learning From Mistakes…

Included in the Sale…

Yes, we are doing a workshop sale on WMGTeachable.

Every class, workshop, and Pop-Up is half off.

Also all the lifetime subscription are half off.

Everything. Just find what you want and hit purchase, then on the next page put in the code:


And hit apply and you will have it for 50% off.

On May 7th I will start the 9 weeks of lectures about what I learned over fifty years since selling my first short story FROM MISTAKES. There is a nine-week class there on what I learned from my mentors over those fifty years. Got a hunch there is a ton I learned from the mistakes. And also how I recovered from them. You can get both in the sale for 50% off right now.

And this month the ADVANCED ENDINGS class is starting as well as the ADVANCED FLOATING VIEWPOINT class. Plus on the sale you can get all of the 2023 Advanced Classes and all of the 2024 Advanced Classes. Yes, they will all come around again regularly each year.

50% off everything. A great sale in honor of our new World of the Fey Shopify store.

Sale on WMGTeachable


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