Workshop Curriculum

Workshop Curriculum 8/1/2022 I’m going to divide these down into areas of study. And the numbers are my suggestions on the order to take these workshops because many of them build on others. All workshops and courses can be found on Teachable. Just hit “see all courses.” These are regular and classic workshops. Pop-Up Classes and other types of classes will follow on craft. Then will follow business focused classes. FOUNDATION COURSES FOR CRAFT 1… Depth 2… Advanced Depth (Depth required) 3… Writing into the Dark (Depth required) 4… Teams (Depth suggested to help) 5… Killing the Critical Voice 6… Research (Depth #3) (Classic workshop…Depth required) 7… Information Flow (Classic workshop…Depth suggested) 8… Endings (classic workshop) 9… Writing with Speed (Depth required) 10… Pacing (Classic workshop) 11… Writing with Emotion (Classic workshop) 12… How to Use Tags in Fiction Writing (Classic Workshop. Depth required) 13… How to Study (Classic Workshop) 14… Secondary Plot Lines (Classic Workshop) 15… Advanced Character and Dialogue (Classic Workshop) 16… Point of View (Classic Workshop. Depth suggested) 17… Author Voice (Classic Workshop. Depth suggested strongly, as well as Advanced Depth) 18… Cliffhanger (Classic workshop) 19… Plotting with Depth (Classic Workshop. Depth required) 20… Novel Structure (Classic Workshop) 21… Power Words (Classic (coming) Very advanced) These twenty-one workshops will jump you so far ahead in your writing skills, you won’t be able to see it, but your friends and readers will. And I know, interesting that Teams workshop is the 4th most important, but trust me, it is a foundation course and important. All workshops have six weeks of videos and five assignments and response video. About 45 videos per workshop. Don’t worry about the Advanced Character title in the Dialog workshop. It was just a name that got stuck on it to help people understand it. One way to take all these courses at a reduced price is to sign up for the lifetime subscription to workshops. All of these workshops, classic and regular are in the subscription. Everything is on Teachable. ———— MORE CRAFT-FOCUSED COURSES (Depth suggested for all of them except Ideas) … Character Voice (classic workshop) … Adding Suspense (classic workshop) … Ideas (classic workshop) … Character Development (classic workshop) … Expectations (Classic workshop) … Writing in Series (classic workshop) … Writing Short Stories No suggested order on these, but the order above would do. ————- ATTITUDE  FOCUSED COURSES If you are having trouble with your attitude about writing, getting to the computer, and so on, here is a list of workshops that would help you. And yes, a couple of these workshops are also on the craft workshop list. I would take these in the order I have them listed. Pop-Up classes on Attitude are listed below. 1… Attitude Workshop (classic workshop) 2… Killing the Critical Voice 3… Heinlein’s Rules 4… Writing into the Dark 5… Making a Living With Novels 6… Approaching Pulp Speed 7… The Magic Bakery (classic workshop) 8… Speed (Depth workshop required) 9… Productivity (classic workshop) 10… Edit Your Own Work (classic workshop)   ————- BUSINESS FOCUSED COURSES If you are having trouble with your publishing and business of writing and so on, here is a list of workshops that would help you. And yes, a couple of these workshops are also on the craft workshop list. Also, you might want to do Lecture… Stages of a Fiction Writer. The Business Focused Pop-Up Classes and Lectures are listed below. 1… Covers 101 2… The Magic Bakery (classic workshop) 3… Sales Writing 4… Media Kit Workshop 5… Heinlein’s Rules 6… Advanced Business Lecture Bundle (all 6) 7… The Future Series (all 4) 8… Approaching Pulp Speed 9… Productivity (classic workshop) 10… Making a Living Writing Novels (going classic) The order above is my suggested order. ———— GENRE FOCUSED COURSES If you want to focus on writing in a specific genre, here is a list of workshops that would help you. The list of genre focused Collection Classes and also Genre Focused Pop-Ups and Lectures are below. … Writing Romance (classic workshop) … Writing Mystery (classic workshop) … Writing Fantasy (classic workshop) … Writing Thrillers (classic workshop) … Writing Science Fiction (classic workshop) … Genre Structure (classic workshop) … Writing Westerns (classic workshop) … Writing Time Travel (classic workshop) TOPIC FOCUSED COLLECTIONS CLASSES These are nine weeks long and you end up with a five story collection at the end. And yes, you can take all of them. You write five stories in this as well as everything else, so take only one at a time. … Relationship Collection Class  … Portals Collection Class  … Private Eye Collection Class  … Fantasy Collection Class  … Holidays Collection Class … Heroes and Heroines Collection Class … Pets Collection Class … Spies Collection Class … Space Opera Collection Class … Thieves Collection Class Again, with the collection classes, you actually publish your collection in the 9th week. POP-UP AREAS OF INTEREST… Pop-Ups are something we started for topics that didn’t fit in a lecture form or a workshop, and all of them have a story prompt that you can write and turn in. Sometimes actually on the topic of the Pop-Up. They are $150 each normal price. They are usually from 10-12 videos long and are very focused. We have done a lot of them so far and plan on going right on into the future with them. You can get them in groups of five or ten at discounts, or buy three random ones of choice. We do not have a lifetime subscription to the Pop-Ups. The Pop-Ups mentioned in the Lifetime Workshop subscriptions are from three years ago when we did a bunch of weekend workshops and we called those Pop-Ups. The only way to access those is through the Lifetime Workshop Subscription. So Breaking these down into areas of interest… (and yes, a few are in more than one area) WRITING CRAFT… (These are in no recommended order…) #3… Short Romance Fiction #4… Clean First Draft #6… Writing Mysteries into the Dark #12… Writing Flash Fiction #15… You’re Stuck, Now What? #17… Locked Room Mysteries #18… Nothing is Good Enough (Also the four new ones #23-26 on writing different aspects of science fiction)   ATTITUDE IN WRITING AND PUBLISHING… (These are in no recommended order…) #5… Remaining Focused #9… The Author Problem #10… Selling Fun for Fiction Writers #11… Thinking Big for Fiction Writers #15… You’re Stuck, Now What? #18… Nothing’s Good Enough #21… Fear of Success #22… Dealing with Toxic People   BUSINESS OF WRITING AND PUBLISHING… (These are in no recommended order…) #2… Your Own Bookstore #5… Remaining Focused #7… Second Hand Sales #8… Kickstarter for Fiction Writers #9… The Author Problem #10… Selling Fun for Fiction Writers #11… Thinking Big for Fiction Writers #14…Making a Living with Short Fiction #16… Writing Business Structure #18… Nothing’s Good Enough #19… How Can You Survive the Business Downturn? #20… Learning How to Work from Home #21… Fear of Success #22… Dealing with Toxic People ———— Okay, that gets the 26 Pop-Ups in some sort of order that at least helps narrow them down to areas of interest. The very first Pop-Up about three wonderful comic book writers is not in any of these areas. Just doesn’t fit. LECTURE ORGANIZATION Lectures are normally $50 and are focused on one point. They vary in numbers of videos. So here are the main ones divided in different categories. DIRECTLY CRAFT FOCUSED (There is no set order, other than Heinlein’s Rules is the most important of them all. Descriptions of each are on Teachable.) Heinlein’s Rules How to Write a Short Story: Basics (7 point plot outline) Writing into the Dark (basically my book… full workshop has much more detail.) How to Research (again, short and the Research classic workshop is a ton more detailed.) Practice Master Plot Formula Writing Endings Think Like a Science Fiction Writer How to Write a Page-Turning Story Short Stories to Novels   ATTITUDE FOCUSED Heinlein’s Rules Writing into the Dark (see above) Read Like a Writer Writer’s Block and Procrastination Carving out Time How to Research (see above) Pen Names Practice Prolific Stages of a Fiction Writer Starting or Restarting Your Writing Writing as Investment Think Like a Science Fiction Writer Paying the Price Reviews Organization Confidence Motivation   PUBLISHING AND WRITING BUSINESS FOCUSED Heinlein’s Rules Pen Names Prolific Writing as Investment Designing a Science Fiction Cover Designing a Mystery, Cozy, or Thriller Cover Reviews Organization Corporations for Writers Taxes for Writers Movie and Television Negotiation for Fiction Writers Wills and Estates for Fiction Writers Copyright IP Valuation   MISC. OTHER LECTURES — Numbers of Different Tip of the Week lectures. Each cover 13 weeks, 13 different tips. You can also buy all 104 tips at once. — Fiction Writing Myths Bundle… Creation.  5 bundled myth lectures. Price is $200 for the bundle normally. — Fiction Writing Myths Bundle…Roadblocks. 5 bundled myth lectures. Price is $200 for the bundle normally. Find any of this on Teachable.