Free Advertising For Writers

There Is A Lot of It… I know that so much attention is paid to the young writers who spend all the money advertising to drive a lot of buyers and all that. And they are constantly telling other young writers that is the ONLY WAY TO DO IT!! And some of them, for a time, make a lot of money if they hit the right moment with the right combination of things. And they spend a lot as well. But honestly, I hear far, far more stories of writers who try it, spend a lot, and make no sales in those gimmick ways. While a lot of us just sort of drift out here, writing our books and making book sales in lots of different ways, and taking advantage of free sources of advertising. Yes, no gimmick. I said free. I talked about this a little bit in the Media Kit workshop, but figured I should say something about it here as well. I have not yet counted all the free ways to promote your writing and your books. But to be honest, I stopped counting when the number went by thirty. And I spot more every day. So let me for fun, just off the top of my head, give you some free methods of advertising for writers. Best way, I call #1, is to sell a short story to a top magazine. Not only do you get paid for the story, you get pages and pages of focused ads directly into your target audience. It does not get any better advertising for all your books than that. #2 is another money maker. Do a Kickstarter for your new book. Put it up on pre-sale when you finish it, then do a Kickstarter campaign to get it to your fans early. Fantastic promotion and you make some nice money if you do it right. #3 and #4… Your own web site and also a publisher web site. Both nice. #5… Great advertising and another money maker is your own store on your web site. Won’t make much to start, but any bit helps and it is nice advertising. #6… Your own newsletter. #7… Patreon page… (I am talking free or money-making promotion here, remember.) #8 through whatever…(giving up counting) Social media of all types, from Facebook to Twitter to all the new ones. Announce it when you put it up for pre-sale, announce it when it goes on sale, find other reasons later on to mention it. Make it social, not pure sales. Mix it with cat pictures or something. (grin) If you can do videos for free, that ads scope and scale and range as well. How about a bunch more places?  For example, take advantage of the free promos on the different sales channels like Apple, B&N, Smashwords, Google Play, and so on. All of them tend to have promos regularly and they are free and can really help. A bunch more places… Make sure your author Follow Pages on all the sites are clear and up-to-date. Sites like Goodreads, Bookbub, Amazon, D2D, Smashwords, Kobo, B&N, Google Play and others.  All are free. And so on and so on… So many free ways to promote your books, including sending books to reviewers, book bloggers, and so on. I am missing a bunch I know. But if you are going to try a Facebook Ad or Amazon Ad, take some of the free tutorials that the sites offer to learn it and limit your costs. But only bother with that, in my opinion, after you have 20 or more major books under one name and have all the free promotion stuff set up and running and you are doing a lot of writing. And never forget, the absolute best promotion for your books, proven through history and thousands of surveys and studies, is your next book.